Kamis, 10 September 2015

Why Science Says Bullet Points Are Bad

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The Scientific Reason Why Bullets Are Bad for Presentations
The Scientific Reason Why Bullets Are Bad
You've probably heard this advice before: Don't use bullet points in your presentations. But do you know why presentation design experts are so adamantly opposed to the bullet point format? Bullets make information more difficult to remember -- and science now proves it. Check out these 3 tips to transform your bullet points into a more memorable presentation.
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Data Visualization for Beginners
Data can validate your presentation. But charts and graphs are overused formats audiences generally ignore. Here are 3 beginner-friendly techniques to effectively showcase your data.
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3 Beginner-Friendly Data Visualization Tricks
3 Must-See Clipboards
If you haven't checked out our new Clipping feature yet, here are three Clipboards to inspire you: Industry leaders curated best slides on creativity, social media marketing and the Internet of Things. Create your own Clipboard, too!
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The Very Best Slides on Creativity, Social Media Marketing & More
Browse 18 million presentations, infographics,
videos and more.
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