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Why I ditched photoshop (and maybe you should too)


Why I Ditched Photoshop (And Maybe You Should Too)

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An Amazing Offer for Freelancer Members

Hi apriyanto83,

Every business needs professional graphics. Graphics that make you look good, graphics that make you stand out over your competition.
The problem is that creating professional images takes hours of tedious work. You need to invest $100's in Photoshop and then spend months trying to learn how to use it...
What if you could create beautiful, custom images without the headache? Graphics that could WOW your employers and win long term clients?
Now you can!
We've teamed up with the team at Youzign to bring you an exclusive Freelancer offer on their gorgeous, one of a kind design software.
Why do we recommend Youzign to freelancers?
Easily create beautiful, professional images faster than ever before
So easy to learn — you can have a polished, professional graphic ready in just minutes
Includes over 750,000 free images and templates ready to use
Access your files from ANY computer, ANYWHERE in the world!
Includes iOS and Android app — design and access your files on the go!
Fully supported with 24/7 helpdesk
No recurring fees
FINALLY, an easy to use graphics program!
Want beautiful, professional graphics faster? Want to access your design source files from ANYWHERE?
This is the tool you've been dreaming of.
Today you can get an exclusive discount on Youzign. It usually sells for $97 per year. You can get a FULL LIFETIME ACCOUNT for just $37*.
Sweet deal?
Get your special offer license today. You'll be glad you did.
Get the Deal Now!
*This is an exclusive offer for Freelancer members. Usually Youzign sells for $97 per year.
The Freelancer Team.
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