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Tutorial Array PHP

Tutorial Array PHP membahas tentang definisi array, jenis-jenis index array serta contoh array php. Tutorial Array PHP juga membahas tentang index numerical array dan associative array

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Status of the youth has not improved contrary to the Commonwealth report

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David Serrano-Dolader David Serrano-Dolader
University of ZaragozaLingüística General e Hispánica, Faculty Member

Operación Trumpfo

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Don Seeman Don Seeman
Emory UniversityReligion, Faculty Member

Divinity Inhabits the Social: Ethnography in a Phenomenological Key (Forthcoming in "Theologically Engaged Anthropology" edited by Derrick Lemons (Oxford University Press, 2017)

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Barbara  Prainsack Barbara Prainsack
King's College LondonGlobal Health and Social Medicine, Faculty Member

Investigating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Theory and Practice Across Disciplines

Interdisciplinarity has become a buzzword in academia, as research universities funnel their financial resources toward collaborations between faculty in different disciplines. In theory, interdisciplinary collaboration breaks down artificial divisions between different departments, allowing more innovative and sophisticated research to flourish. But does it actually work this way in practice? Investigating Interdisciplinary Collaboration puts the common beliefs about such research to the test, using empirical data gathered by scholars from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain....

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Seyoum Hameso Seyoum Hameso
University of East LondonAnthropology, International Development and Politics, Faculty Member

Ali and Hameso 2008 Encyclopeadia entry.pdf

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Kalle Puolakka Kalle Puolakka
University of HelsinkiDepartment of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, Post-Doc

Pragmatist Cultural Naturalism: Dewey and Rorty

In this essay I discuss the relationship between naturalism and culture by drawing on the aesthetic notions of two leading pragmatists, John Dewey and Richard Rorty. Rorty's view of the cultural significance of metaphor, which is based on Donald Davidson's theory of metaphor, centers on the distinction between a naturalistic and an idealistic view of the cognitive value of metaphor. I then discuss the development from idealism to naturalism in Dewey's view of the imagination and the parallels that may be drawn between Dewey's and Rorty's views, particularly regarding the latter's critique...

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Arsh K.S Arsh K.S
Ambedkar University DelhiSociology, Graduate Student

A Critique of the Construction of the West in Indian Legislature; Or The Actuality of Reverse Racist Sexism

The Indian Academic Establishment has systematically banked on the historical phenomena that was Colonialism and turns its gaze away when confronted by the very practices it indicted as 'Orientalism' when practiced by the 'west.' This response seeks to hold accountable the positions and Institutions which facilitated this process via its enquiry into the 'grounds' of the judgements of the apex court of this land and it's relation to empirical findings regarding the allegation of rape, while arguing that India can no longer be apprehended within academia as a nation which defines it's...

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Luke  Barnesmoore Luke Barnesmoore
University of British ColumbiaHuman Geography, Graduate Student

Absurdity and Reality

What is the relationship between absurdity and reality?

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morten valbjorn
Aarhus UniversityDepartment of Political Science and Government, Faculty Member

The 'Mesopotamian Turn' and its Various 'Irrigation - Strategies - Bringing IR and Middle East Studies Together

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