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How to Create the Perfect Cover Slide

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The Art of Crafting the Perfect Cover Slide
The Art of Creating a Compelling Cover Slide
Your cover slide is the most important slide of your presentation when you publish it online. It's your mini elevator pitch, your movie trailer, your book cover -- the one thing that will get viewers to click on your deck and read it. Here's how to design the perfect cover slide.
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Strategies for Getting Featured on SlideShare
There is no set formula for getting featured on our homepage -- picks of the day are selected by us editors. But there are some tactics you can use that will increase your odds of getting chosen.
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5 Tips to Get Featured by SlideShare
A Founder's 13 Best Lessons From 100+ Speeches
In the last three years, Moz co-founder Rand Fishkin has given 80 unique presentations at 100+ different events -- and has consistently gotten exemplary rating scores. He shares his secrets for speaker success.
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How to Cheat at Creating Great Presentations for Tech & Marketing Audiences
Browse 18 million presentations, infographics,
videos and more.
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