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Unconventional Presentation Tips to Wow Your Audience

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Unconventional Presentation Tips to Wow Your Audience
Best Presentation Tips You've Never Heard Of
If you've given a presentation before, you've probably been told to speak slowly, make eye contact, and smile. That's great basic advice, but what are the tricks the pros use to take themselves to the next level? Here's advice from three public speaking pros to help you shine on stage.
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3 Ways to Close Your Speech With a Punch
So you've successfully navigated through your speech, and are ready to wrap things up. How do you end on a high note? See what *not* to say — and how to make a powerful, lasting impression.
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How to Close Your Speech With Power
How to Outline Your Next Business Presentation
Business presentations shouldn't be all charts and numbers. You need to use storytelling to activate your audience's brain and make an impression. Follow these 6 steps.
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Your Best Hiring Practices
UPLOAD CAMPAIGNHow do you attract top talent? What are tips for assembling an A-team? For our September Upload Campaign, we're asking you to share your recruiting tactics.
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Hiring Best Practices
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