Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

TFTP Server for Free: GNS3 Users Only

Free TFTP Server For GNS3 Users

Back up your network configurations

You hope the time will never come, but it's good to be prepared if (a.k.a. when!) an accidental configuration change knocks your network offline.

With Spiceworks' built-in FREE TFTP Server
you'll be able to back up your network configuration when your network is running smoothly, and receive an alert and restore it back to the original state if things go haywire.

GNS3 Users Top Voted Features Download FREE Today!

GNS3 is excited to be an official partner for Solarwinds ThwackCamp.
This is a 100% FREE ONLINE Networking Event. In fact, Solarwinds is giving away sweet prizes for just showing up (55' inch 4K Curved TV + $3,000 AMEX Card).
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