Rabu, 29 Juli 2015

Clean Out the Clutter: How to Simplify Your Presentation


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3 Essential Steps to Clean Up Your Copy
3 Essential Ways to Create a Clear Message
Using big words and metaphors doesn't make you sound smart — it more often just confuses your audience. The best way to keep your audience engaged (and make you come off great!) is to present a simple, clear message that will stick long after your speech. Here are 3 steps to clean up your copy, for a presentation that will impress.
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Introducing Our Creator's Hub
You asked; we listened. We now have a definitive resource for you -- the Creator's Hub -- to learn how to best use SlideShare to reach your audience. See getting started guides, case studies, design tips and more. Plus, check out our newly revamped Lead Generation tool!
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3 SlideShares to Read Before Creating Your Next Infographic
Share UX and Creativity Tips
UPLOAD CAMPAIGNThis month's Upload Campaigns center around how to use your brain in new and interesting ways. Share your tips for UX Design, and/or let us know how you spark Creativity in your work and personal lives.
Creativity | UX Design
August Upload Campaigns: #UX #Creativity
Browse 18 million presentations, infographics,
videos and more.
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