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Container lifecycle management, Bitnami at OSCON, cloud vendor reviews, and more!

The New Stack
Container Lifecycle Management, Part One:
Managing containers in production has been a relatively obscure process until now. Our VP of Marketing, David Dennis, explains the ins and outs of using containers in his recently published article in The New Stack. Specifically, he describes how containers differ from using traditional virtual machines to host applications, and how to fit containers into your software development lifecycle.
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Bitnami Co-Founder Erica Brescia Speaks at OSCON
Our Co-Founder and COO, Erica Brescia, delivered a keynote at the premier Open Source convention, OSCON, last week in Austin. She spoke about how we have been able to recruit and retain top-notch engineers via the Bitnami Bootcamp, which occurs twice per year in our Seville office. Watch the video to learn more:
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Cloud Spectator Reviews Cloud Vendors

The results are in: Cloud Spectator has tested many of the largest players in the cloud vendor market, with relative rankings and comparisons across multiple price and performance categories. Courtesy of 1&1 Cloud Platform, the entire report is freely available (both EU and US editions) via the 1&1 blog:

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Google Cloud Platform
2016 US Election: Analyze Big Money with Big Data

It's not too late to learn how to create visualizations in Re:dash using BigQuery! Earlier this month our Product Manager for Cloud Platforms, Raj Rikhy, and GCP's Developer Advocate, Felipe Hoffa, analyzed 2016 US election data using BigQuery and Re:dash.

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Share Your Feedback and Win a $100 Gift Certificate
We're always looking for ways to improve Bitnami and better understand the wants and needs of our users. So, we want to hear from you in our user survey! Participants will be entered to win one of five $100 Amazon gift certificates and 25 Bitnami t-shirts. Completing the survey should take less than five minutes.
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Security Release: WordPress 4.5.2
The WordPress Project released an update that fixes two security vulnerabilities related to third-party libraries.
ImageMagick Security Vulnerability
ImageMagick Studio released an update that fixes several security vulnerabilities.
Security Release: Gitlab 8.7.4
Gitlab released a security update that fixes an XSS security vulnerability.
PHP Security Vulnerability
The PHP Group released an update that fixes a libgd signedness vulnerability.
Security Release: Magento 2.0.6
The Magento Project released an update that fixes several security vulnerabilities.
OpenSSL Security Vulnerability
The OpenSSL Project released an update with security fixes, however, Bitnami installations are not affected.

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