Selasa, 29 Desember 2015

Didn't Get What You Wanted?

Treat yourself to some new gear from our guides, awesome EDC submissions from the weekend, and more…
Find yourself new gear (and maybe learn a thing or two) from our Carry Smarter guides

Time for an Upgrade

Happy holidays!

How were the gifts this year? We hope you got everything you wanted…

But we know that doesn't always happen.

If you were gifted some cash that's burning a hole in your pocket, need a quick primer on how to use your newly unwrapped gear, or want to upgrade a few pieces of your EDC going into the new year, check out our collection of guides and tutorials to get you started.

As always, don't miss out the awesome submissions from our community below. Got a setup you're proud of and want to share? Show us what you got!

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More Must-See Gear

Thomas in London blasts through his nighttime outdoor exploration with this futuristic EDC.
Matt EDCs custom leather gear and new tech, like completely wireless earbuds.
Andrew, a US army officer, pockets this compact but versatile set of EDC gear.
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